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Vacuum Sealing Machines
Removes air from the pouch, before sealing.
Vacuum Sealing Machine

Makes product very tightly packed in pouch after the air is removed.

Very necessary for food produce exports.
Continuous Pouch Sealing Machines
Great for large volume of pouches sealing...!
Pouch Sealing Machine

Just feed the pouch in the machine & release.
Machine bands catch hold onto the pouch, quickly seal it & move it ahead.

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Bag Closing Machines
Bag Closing Machine

Stitches the bag mouth, to make it tamper-proof.

Ideal for Jute, Hessian, HDPE /PP sacks.

Easy Handy machine to stitch close all types of bags.
Carton Taping / Sealing Machines
Pack Your Boxes... Faster and Cleaner
Carton Taping Machine

Tape-Seal boxes from underneath and above.

Height adjustable as per box size...

Box Strapping Machines
Fast Strap your cartons / boxes
Box Strapping Machine

Just takes 1.5 seconds / strap

Ideal for Large volume of boxes packing.

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