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  If you have large number of Pouches, bags, small packets, which need to be sealed speedily - then this is the machine you are looking for. 

Just keep feeding the filled pouches from one side of the machine. The Roller Bands will heat seal your pouch, move them forward & release them at the other end.
No operator handling is required - thus making the sealing process very easy & fast. 

It is used to fill Tea/ Coffee bags, snacks, powders, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, seeds, spices - any type of bags / pouches in large volume & need to be sealed fast.
    CONT-H (Horizontal) & CONT-V (vertical)
    (For Fast Sealing of Plastic / PP / Polythene / Aluminum Foil Pouches)
  • This is a high-speed packet / pouch / bag sealing machine. The pouch moves ‘horizontally’ (in sleeping position) or ‘vertically’ (in standing position) depending on model chosen.
  • Ideal for all types of light to medium weight packets (upto 1-2 kg in wt.).
  • Sealing Speed : Upto 20 Packets per minute. Can be increased depending on pack size & operator capacity. 
  • Machine is robust model, with conveyor, which pulls the packets along, as they get sealed.
  • NEW Feature – Sealing Speed is Adjustable. You can increase / decrease your m/c speed as per your suitability.
  • Sealing Width also Adjustable – from 5 mm to 15 mm. 
  • Temperature Adjustment – upto 300° C.

    CONTINUOUS POUCH SEALING MACHINE - Heavy Duty Model - In C.I. and Stainless Steel (SS).
  • Fast sealing of any type of pouches / sachets.
  • Just feed in the packs in the m/c bands and release.
  • They get quickly sealed & move ahead on conveyor & come out ready from the other end. 
  • Ideal for large volume of pouch packing.
  • Easy to use & low maintenance.

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   Specifications   Model - KOSHA Seal-Pack  
   Height of Machine  From top to bottom 2 1/2 feet approx  
   Material of Construction (MOC)  Heavy Fabrication Body  
   Paint Finish  Powder Coated Paint Finish  
   Drive   Double Ball Bearing Drive System  
   Belt System  Variable Belt Drive for Motor & Teflon Belt
 Drive for Sealing
   Length of M/c  3 feet approx  
   Speed of Motor  25 RPM  
   Width of Conveyor    4 inches standard  
   Sealing Width    15 mm standard  
   Temperature Range  0 - 300° C  
   Max. Conveyor Load    10 Kgs  
   Weight of M/c    40 Kgs  
  • Ideal for Light to medium weight bag sealing. (upto 10 Kgs)
  • All types of heat sealable materials incl. PP, PE, LD, LLDP, HM, HMHD, Aluminum Foil laminated pouches, polyester film bags - all these can be easily sealed in continuous process. 
  • Conveyor height is adjustable - the table can be tilted in a downward position to about 30 to prevent material spillage & ease for the operator. 
  • Portable / Movable design - Machine has castor wheels & can be moved to where the packing process is going on
   Specifications  Horizontal Model - CS/90/H Vertical Model - CS/90/V  
   Max. Conveyor Load  0 Kgs  10 Kgs  
   Sealing Width on Bag  5-7 mm  5-7 mm  
   Conveyor Speed  5 metres per min  5 metres per min  
   Conveyor Belt width   200 mm  200 mm  
   Conveyor Height  Adjustable upto 120 mm  Adjustable upto 500 mm  
   Temperature  0 - 300 C  0 - 300 C  
   M/c Dimension LxWxH (mm)  820 x 480 x 320  1060 x 450 x 1165  
   Electricity (AC)   220V / 50 Hz / 5A  220V / 50 Hz / 7A  
   Machine Weight   70 Kgs  125 Kgs  
   Price  Rs. 45,000/- (US$ 978/-)  Rs. 55,000/- (US$ 1,195/-)  
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