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This machine is useful for wrapping transparent cellophane type PVC stretch film on open trays & packets.
The machine is equipped with...
- A Roller – to mount the Film Roll
- A Cutter – to cut the film to size as per the tray dimensions &
- A Heater Pad – to seal the film under the tray, once it is stretched & wrapped.

This type of transparent packing, makes the product look attractive as well as increases shelf life. Applications: Fruit, vegetables foodstuffs, sweet packing in trays. Also fish, sea-food packing or any item which needs to be seen through the film wrap – to know its freshness.

Machine looks good on department check-out counters, retail shops etc. where on-the-spot food / fruit packing needs to be done.

Download Brochure - 105 KB

    Technical Specifications
  • Contact parts made of S.S.
  • MAX.Roll width: 450MM
  • Heating plate: 400125MM
  • Power: 230W
  • Source: 220V/50Hz
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